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Here at Kershaw Instrumentation we provide a variety of field services in addition to our design and engineering expertise. For over 30 years Kershaw has provided expert calibration and certification services in addition to on-site preventative maintenance and repairs for a variety of customers in various realms of the manufacturing world. Kershaw offers these services throughout all of North America, and has sales and service representatives on nearly every continent. Kershaw Instrumentation’s customer service is unparalleled in the service world and combines punctuality and affordability to provide customers with superior service anywhere, any time, every time.

Repair and Rebuilding

We have been involved in the art of rebuilding Inkometers for more than 30 years. Our large inventory of new and "outdated" parts, along with our shop facilities enables us to provide our customers with complete Inkometer services. We offer loaner Inkometers to our customers, which we can ship, in some cases, the same day. This service provides the customer with an instrument to use while theirs is being repaired. If your Mechanical Inkometer is in need of an overhaul or your Electronic Inkometer is ready for a conversion [Electronic Inkometer Upgrade], we can arrange for a simple exchange to reduce the down time and shipping costs.

Roller Services
For many years Kershaw has invested in specialized equipment for manufacturing rollers. We manufacture and recover rollers for all standard Inkometers, as well as the Tack-O-Scope, the Prufbau, the Tackmaster series tack instruments and a variety of proofing presses. We stock these rollers in several different compounds. All rollers are carefully inspected and balanced and many include bearings and/or shafts to simplify the installation process.

Temperature Controlled Water Circulators
We have a complete inventory of replacement parts for the Temperature controlled water circulators used with Inkometers, Viscometers, and other similar laboratory instruments. We can provide complete repair services along with calibration and certification.

Other Repair Services
Our electronics lab is equipped to repair most any type of electronic instrument that is found in the laboratory or manufacturing enviromen.t If the components in your instrument are obsolete we can often find a substitution. All repairs are guaranteed.

On-Site Calibration and Certification Services
Kershaw Instrumentation provides complete calibration, preventative maintenance, and certification for a variety of laboratory instruments including Inkometers and the Tackmaster series tack instruments. Inkometer services include a complete cleaning and inspection, along with calibration using calibration weights [or bars] and ink standards. A service report, Calibration Certificate and a Calibration Tag, which indicates the service dates, is included with this service. This service can be scheduled annually, bi-annually, or on an "as needed" basis. A maintenance contract can be arranged to meet your performance needs.

Design Consultation and Custom Engineering                                      Kershaw Instrumentation has engineered specialty prodcuts for well over 30 years in nearly every realm of the manufacturing world. Our engineers are equipped to custom design, build and certify products to match the needs and wants of the customer. Our expertise reaches far beyond the printing and paper world and can be utilized to accomidate nearly any design project imaginable.



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