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Basic Footage Counter

This instrument is designed to measure the length of paper and plastic material rolls. Based loosely on our original Roll Length Counter instrument design, this version has many alternate features designed with portability and affordability in mind. The roll of product will be fitted on a spindle reffered to as an "unwind spindle". A length of product will be stretched in an "S" fashion around a sensing roll, and then re-fed onto a "wind-up spindle", which is driven by a variable speed motor. As the variable speed motor turns the wind-up spindle, the length is calculated based on the amount of time required for the film or paper to pass entirely from the unwind spindle to the wind-up spindle. The test begins when the motor begins to turn, and ends when the sensing roll stops turning. A unique feature of this product is its light-weight aluminum frame, accompanied by a lift handle and pair of plastic wheels which allow it to be easily transported on and off of production lines, in and out of quality labs, or into a customer's location for spot checks or demonstrations. The spindles are available in a variety of diameter sizes and can be custom made to fit the specific criteria required by the operator.

Basic Footage Counter Data Sheet
BFC - 17 Data sheet.pdf
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Basic Footage Counter User Manuel
BFC - 17 Manual.pdf
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