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                 Steel Ball Tester Model SBT - 60                 Light Ball Tester Model LBT - 60



This instrument was designed to test the adhesiveness of tape products. The instrument features a 60 inch track of which a 35 inch portion is sloped to provide a means of acceleration for a number of styles of available balls. The remaining portion of the track is horizontal. The ball is placed inside of a gated shoot that is located at the top of the slope to ensure maximum accuracy, consistency, and control from test to test. The shoot is opened, propelling the ball down the slope onto the horizontal portion of the track which is coated with the desired tape product. A scale is provided along the side of the horizontal track portion, allowing the operator to calculate the distance the ball has traveled before it is halted by the adhesive. There are two models of this instrument available, offering a variety of possible testing methods. The SBT-60 features a steel ball (dimensions can vary) which is propelled down a slope of 90 degrees. The LBT-60 features a light, ping-pong style ball that is propelled down a slope of 45 degrees.

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