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            Falling Rod Viscometer            

Model FRV-2000





This instrument measures the viscosity of printing inks. Based on the original Falling Rod design, this instrument ensures accuracy and repeatability. A semi-automatic version of this instrument is available upon request, allowing for true accuracy and repeatabilty. Replacement rods and collars are available for purchase for this instrument, and 60 gram jars of Brookfield Calibration Fluid is included with each instrument. 


NOTE: This instrument conforms to the ASTM Specification 4040.





The SAV-09 integrates the original Falling Rod Visometer technology with user-friendly computer software designed to more accurately test, catolog, store, and formalize test data with the click of a button. This unique operating system provides the instrument operator with a wide variety of customizable test parameters and procedures designed specifically to fit the needs of the user. The software allows for multiple specification algorithims and test methods, along with easily printable data reports and built in test data storage. Working together with your FRV-2000 or Laray style viscometer, this Semi Automatic Viscometer technology offers a great deal of in depth research capabilities both formally and easily.

Falling Rod Viscometer Data Sheet
FRV-2000 Data Sheet.pdf
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Falling Rod Viscometer Standard System Price
Standard FRV Price.pdf
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Falling Rod Viscometer User Manual
Application Instructions Manual FRV.pdf
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Semi Automatic Falling Rod Viscometer
Application Instructions SAV Viscometer.[...]
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Falling Rod Viscometer Parts Price List
FRV Part Prices.pdf
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